Foreign Registered Cars & Spanish Cars

Foreign Registered Cars & Spanish Cars

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This is a much talked about subject so I am going to keep it simple

you can use almost any vehicle from any country here in Spain for up to 6 months  but it has to be street legal same as UK or any other countries rules it has to be legal in is country of origin , that means insurance mot and taxed etc
After 6 months your really on borrowed time unless the vehicle has been  back to the country of origin  then your 6 month can start again , (Theoretically) , If its seen regular by the Guardia you could get stopped and a few questions so best to keep your ferry ticket or any other papers as you might need to prove that it has been back to country of origin
So lets assume your car has been here 6 months and your not planning on taking it  back to country of origin . (sooner rather than later you will need to makes changes or you are risking a fine  )
You will either have to sell it part ex it in part on a vehicle purchase  or :-
Getting  it registered in Spain–Now if this is likely to happen or be part of your plan  from the start then you are best to start the process when you arrive and not 6 months later as it could save you the import tax
Getting  it registered with Spanish plates can cost a fair amount this depends on make and age of vehicle and any parts you need some vehicles require new head lights etc
You can not register UK vans
Many businesses in Spain specialize in changing Foreign or UK cars over to Spanish registered and will always give you a quote and the total costs involved would more likely be cheaper than buying a Spanish car as they are simply more expensive here in Spain
EXAMPLE I just did a search for a car in uk and found this for £1000 2007 Vauxhall Astra SRI CDTI ,
Same car here in Spain could be up to €4500 depending on  mileage & condition
when I say total costs I mean the cost of the vehicle + transporting it over + changing to Spanish plates including all parts labour taxes and fees,  so a Foreign or UK  car is a viable option , one that many expats have done but it does depend on the car in question and you will have to do your sums ,

Buying A Spanish Car

So you have decided to buy a Spanish car and you  probably have a make and model in mind and already know the price you are going to pay , Good website CLICK here for spanish cars
website to check for debts or embargo on cars
Or you can use this app
The Process  OR  procedure and required papers
When you buy a car you will need to go with the owner to an Gestor (unless you are buying from a dealer  ) who will deal with the change over of the vehicle into your name and he /she will also be able to check if there is any debts attached to the vehicle (so make sure this is done prior to giving any money as you do not want to buy a car with fines or debts attached to it )  , There will be taxes and fees to pay and exact amount depends on the vehicle value
You will need the following documents to register the vehicle in your name
we can help you obtain any of these documents

  2. PADDRON     (empadronamiento )
  4. PURCHASE CONTRACT (compraventa)


whats an NIE , This is your fiscal number and much more ,  it identifies you in Spain for tax and all other purposes a bit like your passport number and social security number combined your NIE connects to everything but on its own it is not a form of identification
what is a padron ? this is like the electoral role ,it is a document that shows you as being on the list of people living in any given town or area and is proof that you reside at a dwelling within that area, does not prove residencia nor is residencia a requirement its just at the time of buying a  car this is where you was living