Moving To Spain

Moving To Spain

moving to spain

I hope to help you with covering the main points

Now your here you must already quite fancy the idea and have at least some ideas so lets skip the basics and gets started

Most of this is based on my personal experience
its true some things are a tad complicated and take time due to bureaucracy and mountains of paper work
but these can all be done so don’t worry about this
you will find lots of help and advise from ex-pats and professionals so do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions social networks like Facebook are a great place to start
Firstly let me reassure you on certain things about life in Spain
Its better than in UK , you can get everything you can in UK, lower cost of living , good education , good healthcare , cleaner air , better climate , and much more,
work and jobs yes there are jobs especially for skilled people even non skilled can find work but it is more difficult semi skilled handy people do not seem to have any problems finding work , businesses have problems finding good staff because there is a high turnover of people coming and going and also the high volume of ex pats that work for them selves

most ex pats start up businesses which is also very hard just like in UK and can incur large costs to set up but I have seen many people succeed to make a very good businesses

STEP 1 Now lets get started on your journey

Do some research about costs involved as this can determine the area you eventually move to and it always comes down to money,
If you can afford the properties in Marbella then you must also be prepared for a higher cost of living, there is direct connection between the cost of living and property prices
pick a typical property like a 5 bed villa for sale or rent and search the estate agents , this will give you an overall idea about all areas in Spain as a general rule its is more expensive in the COSTA DEL SOL with COSTA BLANCA a close second and finally COSTA ALMERIA , so cheapest area if are you on a tight budget would be COSTA ALMERIA or even further inland like one or two hours from the coast can be very cheap but  I recommend nearer the coast for many reasons , its warmer , more to do better social life , places your used to and might miss , like a local Indian restaurant


Now you have done step 1 you will have an idea of the areas you could afford to live in so now plan your trip , I recommend you  come over to Spain on a kind of exploring holiday and take in as many areas as you can and the min stay per area is at least 4 days you could connect with locals and maybe even estate agents
TIP :- try to time your trip  with one of the local fiestas as they are certainly worth it
and number one rule is ENJOY YOUR SELF


After your trip take a step back and look at it all again and ask your self (and your family) is this what you (all) want ? You will have doubts that is only natural and probably a little scared too
after all its a big step , I did it 13 years ago and I do not have one regret its been a good life


Find some where to rent or buy in the area you like best , connect with the local estate agents and they will help you , once you have chosen the property you can then start planning your move
your personal circumstances will determine certain things here , you could decide to keep your home in UK or sell it , rent it out etc , Keeping a house in UK  if you can is a great idea , its a good investment and can provide a good income
and you do not have to buy a property in spain you could rent , so if you have a property in have a good think about the pros and cons


Moving home is stressful but if you prepare well it should  be a  smooth transition,
what you bring over with you  is up to you and depends on your circumstances , could be your furniture and other goods , there are lots of good stores to buy all the things you need here in spain  so do your sums before bringing furniture over you might want new for example  or you may be moving to a furnished property and that could be difficult if you have a lot of material goods tagging along with you the only material goods i would recommend keeping  is tools they are always needed especially if your going to be working .
Your car yes you can drive it over or transport it See here for required tool kit ,  check out the article on foreign or UK registered and spansh  cars , Driving over ? , its not cheap thou with fuel ferry and toll road charges approx £500  but it would give you much needed transport,  I can not emphasize this enough unless you are going to live near the center of town you will need transport , the bus services are much less frequent with fewer routes  that do not go to rural areas they only go either through or to the main towns so a car in my book is a must either your uk one or you will have to buy one in spain,  lots more  info foreign or UK registered cars and spanish cars
You will need your personal things and clothes , even warm jumpers and coats it gets cold in winter all electrical items are the same here as in UK so you can bring them if you want they will work fine , I am not sure about other countries you will have to check !
so once you have decided what goods you are taking with  you its time to get transport quotes , best advise i can give here is get a transport company to do it for you it wont cost you much more than if you did it your self in fact if you insure your goods on the same level as they have as standard you would be seriously out of pocket and its simply much easier they do all the work and your goods are fully covered for almost any event
You will need all your identification , passport , driving license etc
what you don’t need is a visa , or residencia or any special papers etc NOTE if moving from EU countries

TIP banking :-  You do not want to have to go back to your bank because they have blocked your account due to your unusual  usage in Spain so talk with your bank and tell then your plans , maybe setup power of attorney with bank so you can control your bank from Spain maybe for transferring large sums of money as this sometimes has a limit with internet banking . Check with your bank , Internet banking is Definitely required

If you are going to be working in spain then you will be covered by the spanish healthcare system as you will be paying into the social security system and also making contributions to a spanish pension.
If you are retired or about to retire you will be covered under the uk system which will pay spain for any medical treatment you require but this will maybe require some investigation to confirm this due to personal circumstances so i refer you to the gov website for more info